Who We Are

With our team of professionals, we provide our customers with a complete, high quality, comprehensive and integrated technological strategy. Whether it is developing your own online platform, developing your customized application, managing your security infrastructure, designing your identity or doing it all at the same time, our Foundation will be your best investment.

Why to choose RST?

In the course of building applications or securing your IT infrastructure, we have stockpilled dozenz of technical modules. Many of these modules address the common needs of small and mid-size companies, such as:

  1. RST Solutions: RST Start-Up, RST SME
  2. RST Products: RST CRM, FinWave, AppSys, EduSys, RST POS, RST CMS
  3. Information Security Services such as: Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment
  4. Security Operation Centers including open-source and paid Applications

Our Skills

Information Security Consultation
Development Consultation
Security Operation Center
Graphic Design

To develop and maintain long and trustful relationships with our clients through our commitment to providing them with the highest quality, innovative IT solutions and services, thus empowering people, communities, and helping organizations increase efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

To help protecting user information and organizations infrastructure against hacking in the MENA Region.

Our approach will help your business create the right vision, objectives and execution plan to achieve your objectives. We can help you unlock the potential of the internet for your business.

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